Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to upload a logo to blogger

The title of a blog or website can be a plain text or an image or logo, but most of them use logo. With a logo, a blog or website will have a unique identity thus making it easy to remember.
In Blogger, to upload a logo is very easy and you do not need to understand the languages of programming or coding such as HTML and the like. Here, you only need your own blog.
The example of a logo:
blogger logo
Below is how to upload a logo to blogger :
  • Login to Blogger with your ID.
  • Click Design.
    design in blogger
  • Click Page Elements, if you are not yet in this position.
    page elements tab
  • Click Edit on the header element.
    edit header element
  • A new window will appear and select the radio button of From your computer, and then Browse…then find where your logo is stored in your computer. For placement, select Instead of the title and description. End your settings with SAVE.
    upload logo to blogger
  • Done.
Now your blog should be more attractive with a logo in the header, as the symbol of your blog presence.


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