Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to reduce Blogger feed size?

Sometime you will find a message like "Your feed filesize is larger than 576K. You need to reduce its size in order for FeedBurner to process it. Tips for controlling feed file size with Blogger can be found in Tech Tips on FeedBurner Forums, our support site" while generating your blog feeds through FeedBurner.
FeedBurner will not process an original feed from your blog if it is greater than 512K in size. (This limitation only applies to the actual size of the feed file itself and does not include any images or media files you may have linked to or embedded in your posts.) To get a feed larger than 512K back down to size on Blogger, you need to add a parameter to the address for your original feed's URL, the one that FeedBurner checks for updates in order to keep your FeedBurner feed current, that tells Blogger to shorten it to a specific number of posts. To do this, follow the below instructions:

Please note that you can increase the feed result by increasing the number. That means if you want to see 10 results instead of 3, just add"?max-results=10" (then your URL will be You can keep increase the number until it reaches the flow point. If you are facing this problem with the feed which you have registered earlier, then follow the below instructions:
  • Sign in to your FeedBurner account.
  • At the dashboard, click on the feed in which you are facing problem.
  • Now click on "Edit feed details" just below your feed name.
  • In "Original feed" area, add "?max-results=3" at the last of that feed.
  • Again, you can increase the number of results until you reach your maximum point.



:-( It's still not working eventhough I add ?max-results=3

that alot bro this post helped me burned back a feeder to my blog

thank u for u posting, its very helpfull

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