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Friday, July 22, 2011

Making registration simple and social in just a few steps

Today we're launching a new registration plugin that gives website owners the ability to offer quick, easy and social options for sign-up.
It is an excellent alternative to using Facebook Login (formerly Facebook Connect) when:
  • you want to provide an option for users without Facebook accounts
  • your site needs additional information that Facebook doesn't provide
  • a traditional HTML form suits your site more
By minimizing the friction associated with signing up for a new account and making it easy for people to bring their friends with them, we've seen that people are more likely to complete the sign up process, stay on sites longer, share more content, and come back more often. For example, in beta tests with FriendFeed, Facebook sign ups increased 300%.
How it works
The registration plugin is an iframe that websites can add with just one line of code, and customize to request the specific fields required to create an account. When a user is logged into Facebook and arrives at the registration plugin on a website, they'll see that the form is prefilled with the relevant information he or she has already shared on their Facebook profile. Users can see the specific information the site is requesting of them, giving them more control to decide whether to sign up.
The site can request information stored on Facebook (e.g., name, verified email address, current location, etc.) or custom information (e.g., text fields, checkboxes, dropdown menus, security checks, typeaheads, etc.). Users can decide whether to share their information with the site by clicking "Register," or if a Facebook account isn't required by the site, select an option to fill out the form manually. Because the plugin works through an iframe, no data is shared with the website until the user clicks "Register."
When a user registers for the site with their Facebook account (similar to Facebook Login), the site is given permission to access the user's basic information on Facebook in addition to the data presented in the form, and in turn can provide the user with a personalized and social experience.
Getting started
To integrate the registration plugin, simply add the iframe or XFBML to your site:
Using iframe:
<iframe src="
The redirect-uri should point to the page which will process your signed_request. You can customize the fields attribute to suit your needs. See the docs for a list of valid fields.
Using XFBML:
The redirect-uri and fields are identical to above. You must use your own app_id for the redirect-uri to be on your domain.
For more details on getting started with your implementation, please visit our technical documentation.
We hope you'll try it out and let us know what you think.


here’s another how-to that will eliminate the need for you to “re-blog” stories on Facebook. If you’re a blogger that isn’t already linking to your stories on Facebook, you might want to think about it. Here are a few simple steps to increase your web presence by leveraging the power of the social graph. Why not?

How to Import Your Blog Into Facebook

1) In the “Applications” menu (in the bottom bar), choose “Notes.”

2) Under “Notes Settings,” click on “Import a blog”


3) Type in the URL of your blog and make sure to check the mini-EULA


4) At the bottom of the preview, click on “Confirm Import”


And that’s it — your blog is now available to all your Facebook friends and family! Whenever you post new articles on your blog, they will automatically appear on your Wall and in your friends’ News Feeds, driving traffic to your site.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Best websites to convert your raster images to vector for free

Some of you know the difference between raster images or so called bitmaps and vectors. Raster images (bitmaps) are made from thousands of pixels (dots) with different colors. Vector images are completely different. They use mathematical relationships between points and paths (lines and curves) which are used to produce an image. The advantage of vectors towards raster images is that they are small size and while resizing them they don’t lose any detail. In other side, raster images are heavy and when you resize them, they lose details, so that’s why they need high resolutions in order to maintain the quality and the details. The designers, mostly prefer to work with vectors, but that doesn’t mean that  they always have vectors available. Fortunately there are some great websites which offer you conversion of your raster images (bitmaps) to vector. But before we continue, let me tell you that converting online your raster images to vector may not always give the desired effect, so to do that, it needs a little mastery.


VectorMagic is definitely the best online service for bitmap images to vector conversion. You will be able to generate your vector in five steps: attach your image, configuration of the given options, vectorizing, results of conversion and completed vector ready for download. It has a great user interface, very intuitive and easy to use, no sign up required but after completing the conversion of your bitmap image to vector, in order to download the final product you need to subscribe to VectorMagic. To see how VectorMagic works, take a minute and see it here.

2. is an online service which allows easy and fast conversion of various types of files and documents, like audio, video, pictures, office documents, archive files etc. But the best thing they offers is the online conversion of bitmap image to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. In order to convert your image to vector, you just need to attach you image and click Convert. When it’s ready, it will be automatically downloaded directly to your PC.

3. Autotrace Web Interface

Autotrace Web Interface it’s a great raster image to vector conversion system developed by RO IT Systems and built by open-source components such as Autotrace, ImageMagick, and various unix and linux image-processing components. It has a simple interface and very easy to use. First you have to attach your image and then filling some text fields regarding to the conversion, like line information, noise handling, so you need to have some knowledge in order to get the most of it.


As I said in the beginning, converting your raster images (bitmaps) to vector using online tools will not give you the desired effect, but still if you have some knowledge in the field of graphics theory you will be able to get great results. These 3 online tools are the only that offer you raster to image conversion for free, but there are also website specialized for professional image to vector conversion, but to have their service you have to pay good amount of money. If you ask me which of these services I will recommend to you, without doubt I will say that you should go for VectorMagic, for the fact that it gives amazing results while converting.

10 Free Social Media Icon Packs for web designers and bloggers

Social Media Icons are a very important element for every blog and website. So every webmaster and blog owner should take count of this must have feature, because thats the best way to attract your readers to join you to your Social Media site accounts. So here is a small collection of Free Social Media Icon Packs which will help you decorate your website and blog.

Hand drawn Social Media icons

It is a free Social Media icons set designed by Ondrej Rafaj made for bloggers and web designers. It includes 15 original icons for Google, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, RSS, Technorati, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Yahoo, GMail, Feed Burner, RedDit and calendar.


Free Social Media Bubblicons

A very beautiful free Social Media icon set, including 20 icons in PNG format with 48×48 px size from most popular Social Media sites. The author of these icons is Supratim Nayak from


Buddycons – Vector Social Media Icons

This Social Media icons pack –  Buddycons, contains 126 vector social media icons in PNG format. You can find them in two shapes, circular and rounded rectangle. These icons are free to use for personal and professional purpose. This social media icons collection is designed by Orman Clark.


Bulb Social Media Icons

A great collection of 9 PNG Social Media icons in form of a bulb with liquid. Designed by Sargsyan


OLED Social Media Icons

Interesting OLED style Social Media Icons designed by Arrioch.


Sticker Style Social Media Icons

The sticker style Social Media Icons pack contains 11 icons from the most famous Social Media sites, designed by Clay Clauley.


Social Media Icons by carrizo

This pack contains 17 Social Media icons in PNG format, designed by Carrizo.


Jet Black Social Media Icon Set

These social media icons are free and contain all of the most popular social media and content sharing sites. The icons come in three sizes (32×32, 64×64, 128×128).


WG Social Media Icons

A social media icon pack containing 16 social media icons. All items are in png format. Dimensions are 48×48 pixels and these icons are designed from


Social Media Disc Icons

Great social media icon pack, designed by The pack contains 11 social media icons in 4 sizes: 256 x 256, 128 x 128, 64 x 64 and 48 x 48.


    Create tribute sites for your loved ones with YourTribute

    We all want to make happy our loved ones, the persons that mean something to us and especially when there is some reason to do it, like weddings, birthdays, graduation party or similar. If one of your most loved persons is having a big day in his life, thenYourTribute will assist you to prepare something special for him.

    YourTribute is an online tool that allows you to create personal websites (a tribute) for special someone or a special event. It is a new baby, a wedding, a graduation, birthday, memorials and anniversaries, YourTribute is there to help you create personalized websites or a so called Tribute site  for any kind of event a people.
    A Tribute can be created in minutes, but remains online for life to provide an everlasting record of the special occasion. YourTribute gives you great features in order to create an interesting tribute site like: beautiful themes for any kind of occasion,  photo sharing, videos, friend invitations, blogging, virtual presents, integration with Facebook.
    A great feature is that YourTribute allows you to import your contacts from your Facebook account and invite them to your events. As I said before, Your Tribute is integrated with Facebook, which makes it easy for you to share your Tribute with your Facebook friends.You can also send beautiful online invitations, for FREE, from your Tribute. Choose from one of our numerous stylish designs and add a custom message to your online invitation.

    Create flowcharts and sitemaps online for free with SlickPlan

    SlickPlan is a web based flowchart/diagram and sitemap generator. To use SlickPlan for free you need register, but it is an advanced registration. As an option, before registering, you can try the demo version. But after it, I’m sure you will be very satisfied with the options which SlickPlan offers to you. Registered users have the option to save the generated sitemaps and flowchars, as well they can convert them into HTML or PDF format.

    SlickPlan was developed with the web designer and developer in mind, but it can be used by anyone who needs a quick and professional sitemap or flowchart for their planning project. You can create a visually stunning, free sitemap in seconds and send it directly to your clients via an HTML link or exported PDF. When you’re done, easily generate the HTML as an unordered list and insert it into your page.

    SlickPlan is a great solution for the most of web designers and web developers who often use the navigational charts to represent ideas and projects to their clients and associates. However, in addition to professionals in this field, it is a great tool for those who need easy and simple creation of organizational charts. This website generator is useful, the design is intuitive, so this combined with the opportunity for unlimited free use, making it a valuable tool to help you in creating flowcharts, diagrams and sitemaps.

    Create logo online for free with LogoEase

    The logos are a valuable part of any company, brand, organization, business, website or blog. That is the element that identifies them and makes people remember you. If you want people to recognize your blog or website, it is important to create a logo for it which makes you and your website to be more serious in front of your visitors. The logo is your best representative, so we should never neglect the power of the logo by saving our money on design. But if you need a quick, decent and practical solution then I suggest you to use LogoEase, a great web based tool which allows you to create a logo with minimal effort.

    The service initially provides a selection of predefined logos grouped by topics: medicine, sports, writing, music, etc.., which later you can process them along with other elements. You can insert text by selecting the font, size and color of the letters. The elements can be arranged in layers, rotate, turn, increase, reduce, move and paint the appropriate color, piece by piece.

    LogoEase features simple and intuitive interface that allows you to create free logos in a few minutes. After finishing you can download them in the following formats: eps, png, jpg and tiff, but only if you are registered user. You can download and save a total of 10 logos at once.

    Edit your PSD files online with Pixlr

    Pixlr is a website that offers services for editing of your photos. The reason why I’m writing for it is that this website not only allows you to edit your photos without a problem but also opens and edits your PSD files. The first contact I had with Pixlr I was amazed. I needed to edit quickly some of my PSD files in my friends computer who had not installed Photoshop in it . I googled for online PSD editor and I landed at

    Could you imagine a Photoshop application running online?! Yes, that was the impression I got from it. It has similar interface as Photoshop and other photo editing softwares, similar editing tools, menus and the most amazing thing in it is the fact that the Pixlr online image editor supports layers. Pixlr editor offers a fast editing of your images with huge set of tools like: crop tool, lasso, shape drawing tool, color replacer, color picker, red eye reduction tool and literally everything you have seen in Photoshop. After editing your PSD file you can quickly save it in the popular image file formats like png, jpg, bmp and pxd. You can edit your layers and also adjust them with various effects.

    But that’s just a part of the services that Pixlr offers. Alongside the photo editor, Pixlr offers the following services:
    Pixlr Express - the online tool which allows you to quickly add effects to your pictures with one click.
    Pixlr Grabber - extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome which offer print screen tools to capture pictures from your browser.
    Pixlr – image uploading service which allows you to quickly upload your images and share them with your friends.

    My last words

    For me Pixlr is one of the most valuable services that can be found on the Internet today. I say this because of the fact that every single online service is started with the aim to help someone and Pixlr is for sure among them.

    Cut your pictures online with CutMyPic

    There are a lots of online based photo-editing websites which offer quite good options and features in order to get decent results in your pictures.I posted a short review for Pixlr, one of the most popular online photo-editing tools. The fact that these photo-editors are online based, they are the best solution for you when you need to edit you photos quickly. But there are always more specific solutions for specific cases. So the web tool we are suggesting now will help you to edit your pictures online as quickly as possible.

    CutMyPic is an very interesting web based tool which will offers you a quick and simple editing of your pictures, without need for registration. It will allows you to discard unnecessary parts of the image, to soften its edges and set shadow effects.

    The procedure is very simple: you attach a picture from the main page of the site and wait to be redirected to the studio. You wait, depending on the size of the image, which has no prescribed limit. Once the image is uploaded, you can crop the part you need, to the newly created picture you can add softened corners and edges and set shadow with the desired intensity. Also you can rotate the picture, and on the other side, CutMyPic will give you the information on how much your picture is reduced in pixels. Once you press the “Done” button,  you can download your edited image or send it via mail.

    How to add multiple authors in Blogger Blogs

    Although Blogger is a free blogging platform it offers to the bloggers enough tools and opportunities to develop and lead a professional blog. All the famous blogger began with Blogger but there are those who still use this blogging service to run their successfull blogs. One of the features in this blogging service is that it allows to create a multiple author blogs. For those who don’t know, in this article I’m going to show you step by step how to transform your blogger blog in multiple authors blog. So let’s begin.

    1. Login to your Blogger Account and at the Dashboard in the Manage Blogs section under your blog click Settings.

    2. Under the Settings tab click Permissions

    3. After you clicked the Permission link at the Blog Authors section click Add Authors (in the picture below you can notice that there are 2 Admins and 1 Author, so we are going to add a new one)

    3. After you clicked Add Authors, the Blog Authors section will expand and a box will appear. In that box you have to write the e-mails of the authors you want to invite to take part in your blog and then click Invite.

    You can notice that now you have invited your Author and Blogger sends an e-mail to his e-mail account where he ask the person to become a contributor to your blog and gives him the link for registration.

    4. The registration form looks like the picture below. In order to register you have to put your gmail account (Username and Password) or if you don’t have one, click Create your account now. After this fill the information and click Accept Invitation.

    5. When the new Author has accepted your invitation, at the Permission settings under the Blog Authors section you can notice that the Author appeared. That’s all if you want to have an Author.

    But if you want to give admin privileges to your author than you have to click grant admin privileges (but be careful because giving your authors admin privileges you give him the privilege even to delete your account from the blog). So if you want to take him the admin privileges, just click revoke admin privileges.

    That’s all bloggers. Hope you liked this short tutorial.

    How to add Adsense revenue sharing feature in Blogger blogs

    Although blogger is a free blogging platform, it offers great features and opportunities to bloggers for developing a relatively professional blog. To make a multiple author blogger blog is possible. We posted an article on how to add multiple authors in blogger blogs. But recently we have seen that most of popular WordPress blogs in order to attract new guest authors and writers to their blogs, except offering them the opportunity to display their articles they also give them the opportunity to show their adsense ads within the post. They manage to do that with the help of various WordPress plugins, the so called “Adsense revenue sharing plugins”.

    If you run a blogger blog and you want to make it an Adsense revenue sharing blog and allow your authors to display their Adsense adds, I have the pleasure to tell you that you can do it. Although there is not a blogger widget which will automatically transform your blogger blog to Adsense revenue sharing blog, but still you can do it manually, just by following some relatively simple instructions which I’m going to reveal now.

    First login to your blogger account, go to Design and then click at Edit.HTML At the Edit Template page check the Expand Widget Templates option.

    Now you have to be careful here. First find <data:post.body/> (press CTRL+F and paste the code in the box in order to find it quickly). Now we have to continue with the most important part, adding the code in order to install the Adsense revenue sharing feature in your blogger blog. To do that, copy the code below and paste it just above the <data:post.body/> code.


    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>   <b:if cond=' == "Author1"'>   PASTE THE ADSENSE CODE FOR AUTHOR 1   </b:if>   <b:if cond=' == "Author2"'>   PASTE THE ADSENSE CODE FOR AUTHOR 2   </b:if>   <b:if cond=' == "Author3"'>   PASTE THE ADSENSE CODE FOR AUTHOR 3   </b:if>   </b:if>

    Here you have to be careful. You need to replace Author1, Author2, Author3 with the real name of the authors which you want to include them in your Adsense revenue sharing program in your blogger blog (for example, if you want to add me, type my username Reegon, LOL) and paste their adsense code instead of the  ”PASTE THE ADSENSE CODE FOR AUTHOR”.

    After finishing, just click on Save Template. As you can notice, the code above is only for 3 authors. To add a new author, just copy the following part from your the code and paste it again.


    <b:if cond=' == "Your New Author"'>   PASTE THE ADSENSE CODE FOR YOUR NEW AUTHOR   </b:if>

    IMPORTANT: When you paste the adsense code, it  may not work if you don’t encode it. To do that visit the following page, paste the code there and click on Encode. After encoding, just copy and paste it as it is described above.

    That’s all, if you have any problem while installing, feel free to ask by adding a comment from the form below. Happy blogging!

    How to use the address bar as calculator in Firefox and Chrome

    I know that maybe it sounds funny, but on my opinion I think that using your address bar as calculator may be very useful. Instead of opening the windows calculator or searching on Google for calculator applications, this feature will be right in front of you and will assist you in doing quick calculations with basic operators: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

    Ok now, lets see how can we do that on Mozilla Firefox. For example if you want to multiply 12 by 12 than just write it on the address bar in the following way:

    javascript: 12*12

    and you will get this as result

    But that is not all, you can also calculate more difficult mathematical expressions like it is shown on the picture below.

    Ok we finished with Firefox. If you want to do the same in your Google Chrome web browser than you have to write the mathematical expression on address bar in the following way:

    javascript: alert (12*12)

    So I guess we can find this trick useful sometimes. Maybe funny but can be helpful.

    How to make a mobile version from your Blogger blog

    Months ago, Blogger introduced a set of mobile templates available for all Blogger users so they can use them to make a mobile version from their blogs. But few days ago, Blogger announced that besides these mobile version templates, you can also use all the 27 Template Designer templates. Starting from the fact that today most of the internet users access the web from their mobile and smart phones, it is easy to figure out the importance of having a mobile version from your blog. Why mobile version? Because the mobile users hate the ordinary version of websites, because they load slower on mobile phones. So dear bloggers, don’t waste time and enable the mobile version of your Blogger blog. To do that, follow the steps described below:

    1. Login to your Blogger account and go to Settings.

    2. Now at the Settings section find and click at Email & Mobile.

    3. To enable the mobile template option, just select Yes. On mobile devices, show the mobile version of my template, preview your blog if you want and click the Save Settings button at the bottom.

    And I guess that the mobile version of your Blogger blog is ready. I opened a new blog for testing purpose and take a look what I got when I enabled the mobile version option. In my opinion I think it looks great and quite professional. Take care! Happy blogging!

    Best online tools to generate Favicon for free

    Adding a Favicon to your blog or website is very important for completing your blog design and creating a blog with full identity. For those who don’t know what’s a Favicon, it is the small icon, usually 16×16 pixels, that appears at the URL toolbar and the particular tabs of the Web Browser, which icon is associated with a website. I’ve noticed that there are plenty of successful blogs and websites which have not yet designed and added a Favicon to appear on the URL toolbar.
    The process of branding your blog or website doesn’t finish with your blog template and logo, you need to take care also of some small things like you Favicon. Before you start designing the Favicon for your blog, you have to know that usually the design of a Favicon is based on the logo or the initials of your website name. You can notice that Dipinit uses a Favicon based on the logo.
    Ok now, do not waste time anymore and start designing or generating the Favicon. Here are some great online websites which offer you the opportunity to create a Favicon for free.

    Favicon Generator

    DeGraeve Favicon

    Shaheeilyas Favicon

    Animated Favicon


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