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My name is Santanu Majumdar and people usually call me Shan. I am a Student of Masters of Computer Application (MCA) and did CCNA. Besides study, I am also crazy about blogging and  What I Learned Today...  is my first blog. I started blogging in 2010-11 and until now have  5 blogs.

This blog is used to share information about blogging, especially in blogspot, online tips & tricks and latest news, Facebook and twitter tips, website and web design & API's and others.

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This blog also accepts websites and those wanting their websites or products to be reviewed. I also accept Link Ads and Banner Ads. If you want to place a review or links here, Just contact me Here.

Anyone reading the articles in this blog is not allowed to copy it. If the articles are copied, please write the URL of the original posting from this blog.

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About Me

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"BLOGGING" is my passion. I am crazy about it. I love to share knowledge with others, So I found this platform is good to share knowledge with everyone. And also I like to surf net a lot to search for the latest technologies and gadgets.