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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Endhiran-The Robot

Endhiran : The Robot", the latest flick of superstar Rajinikanth made history in the USA with last weekend’s box office collection reaching $2 million, a record for a Tamil film.

Endhiran did this just in three days what the other movies collected for their entire run in the cinemas, this is much better than his previous big hit Sivaji, the boss.
The movie which was released worldwide on October 1 collected a whopping 95 crores($22.5 million) in the opening weekend in india alone which is by any parameter better than any of the big bollywood movies.
In the U.K. the movie was holding No. 9 position at the B.O. with $538,000 and in the United Arab Emirates it grossed $387,000.
Though there was a slow start for hindi version "Robot" it picked up well as saturday’s collection was bigger than friday and sunday was even bigger.

 Endhiran Robo Songs costumes for auction

Tamil Super star Rajnikanth and Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai starrer trilingual movie titled "ROBO" in Telugu has been released recently throughout the world and creating records in collections also.
endhiran-stills6 endhiran-stills4

Now a days auctioning the weapons used by the heroes in the films becomes a trend in Tollywood. The trend was started with Jr NTR’s Hat and Jerkin used in Adurs movie then Ram Charan’s Maghadeera Sword after that Sunil’s Maryada Ramanna’s Cycle ends with NBK’s Simha movie Axe recently.
Now the latest news is that the costumes worn by Super star Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai in the songs ‘Kilimanjaro…’ and ‘O Baby…’ of ROBO movie will be auctioned online with Mumbai as its center. So those who can afford it can bid on the exclusive designer pieces worn by two super stars in Robo/Robot/Endhiran. The money raised through this auction will go to the charity. This is a very good news for Rajini fans.

Rajini’s Million Dollar Question


What do you think that million dollar question is? If you are a Rajinikanth fan, that would obviously be, the Superstar’s entry to Politics! So what does he have to say?
As we all know, Rajini was in Mumbai to promote his ‘Robot’ and he invited all his Bollywood friends to watch the extravagant movie. And upon his arrival at the Mumbai airport on Monday morning (Oct 4th), a few reporters of leading News channels quizzed him as the Superstar was rushing his way through them!
endhiran-stills3 endhiran-stills2
One of the reporters even asked if a sequel to ‘Robot’ was being planned and only then the answer we all know came up, the superstar went on to say that he really didn’t know what Shankar had in mind but Rajni personally wanted a big break! Of course, he truly deserves it, as he was pretty busy with the shooting and promotion of ‘Endhiran’ besides taking care of his daughter’s wedding!
And before all the journalists thought of winding it up, an excited journo went on to ask the ‘Million Dollar Question’ – “Any plans to get in to politics?” and pat came the reply from the Superstar saying “No Comments”. Just to make sure if the answer was ‘No Plans’, the anxious journalist asked him the same question and even this time, with eyebrows raised the superstar with his characteristic laugh said “I said No Comments”!
Whoa, isn’t that heights of diplomacy? That answer – ‘No Comments’ is multidimensional! It’s got loads of meanings attached to it. And the last question a reporter asked was if the superstar had seen the opening ceremony of the Common Wealth Games? The Superstar told he saw the inauguration and he was really proud to see such a spectacular event.
And coming to the answer for the Million Dollar Question, the Superstar surely knows what could be misquoted and what can’t be! But what do you think; will Rajinikanth make an entry into politics?

Endhiran Movie New Stills – photos – pictures

Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-30 Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-10 Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-11 Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-12 (1)  Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-13 Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-15 Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-16 Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-19 Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-20Endhiran’ is excellent: Karunanidhi

Endhiran’ is excellent: Karunanidhi


Tamil Nadu Chief Minster and one of the most powerful politicians of the country, M Karunanidhi was like any other fan of Superstar Rajinikanth, while coming out of theatre after watching a first day show of ‘Endhiran’.
Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-9“Endhiran is an excellent film. It is a very good movie in all aspects. The director’s imagination, the way the cinematographer has handled the camera and performance by Superstar Rajinikanth has impressed me a lot”, Karunanidhi said.
When asked about Sun Pictures, which has produced the multi-crore extravaganza directed by Shankar, the Chief Minister said: “Appreciating Sun Pictures is like appreciating me”.
On the film carrying a Tamil name ‘Endhiran’, which means a robot, Karunanidhi said, “That’s why we have given tax exemption to the movie”. He said ‘Endhiran’ is better than ‘Sivaji’, the earlier film of Rajinikanth.


Friday, October 8, 2010

30 Free Google Android Applications

With more than 40 android phones there is lot of buzz in android applications development and last year Google Reveal Android developer challenge winners. If you are interested in development then you can also watch Android developers talk about their applications.

Introduction to Android

How to Download Android applications
To download android applications into your mobile phone you just need to launch the android market in the application menu, search for “desired application”, and easily install
Here is the list of 30 Best free Google Android Applications available in Android Market.
Update in Applications list
Shazam - To tag and discover music from mobile phones
There is an excellent application for mobiles named “Shazam” which can easily search and tag the surrounding music. You can easily get this from android market.

  1. Hi AIM – Its an AOL Instant Messenger(AIM) client for android. Data sent through network. No SMS fee. Support for smileys and chat bubble styles.aim thumb 30 Free Google Android Applications
  2. Android-rss – Its a fully functional Android RSS reader created as a way to learn the new Android platform SDK. This project is an ongoing effort to better understand and embrace the Android design philosophy, welcoming comments and additional contributors.rsschannellist2 30 Free Google Android Applications
  3. Twidroid – Its a one of the market leading twitter client on the android platform. today we’d like to share a sneak peak of the forthcoming twidroid pro – a new milestone release that will extend our current product line and includes features such as: multi-account support ,video posting, desktop widget, support, follower listings, interface themes and others.twidroid 30 Free Google Android Applications
  4. Loopt -  It connects you to your friends and the places around you. See where your friends are and what they’re doing. Connect on the fly and instantly share photos, comments, and cool places. Turn your phone into a social compass and never be bored or lonely again!loopt 30 Free Google Android Applications
  5. FBabble – It lets you stay in touch with your friends on Facebook wherever you go! Features include real-time chat, uploading photos, changing current status and even automatic tweets to your Twitter account.fable 30 Free Google Android Applications
  6. Opera Mini – It can browse the entire Web on your Android phone and save time and money. Opera mini is compressing pages up to 90%, making web browsing fast. Synchronize your bookmarks, history, notes and more between your computer and mobile phone, and a lot more…
  7. 10001 Cocktails – Its another bartender in your pocket! Browse and search our most popular recipes on your phone by drink type or search thousands of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink recipes on the web site! Add fresh drink ideas and drink reviews and save your favorite drinks to your personal list.Cocktails 30 Free Google Android Applications
  8. ChompSMS – With a great UI, chat style SMS bubbles, touchscreen keyboards and many other great features! Also coming soon, T9 predictive touchscreen keyboard and color customizations.ChompSMS thumb 30 Free Google Android Applications
  9. Note Everything – A notepad application where you can create different types of notes in one app, including text-, paint-, voice-, checklist- & photo notes. Your notes can be organized in folders. You can create shortcuts on home, send notes, search, encrypt, reminders, use live folders & much more! All in the look & feel of Android UI.noteeverything-lg-02
  10. Voice Recorder – This application is a handy voice recorder. The data are recorded to a SD card. Available the following items on the Voice Recorder – send a data as attached file via Gmail – timer & background recording – search by TITLE and DATE – register to ringtone.voice-recorder
  11. Lyric Search – Lyric Search searches for Lyrics to virtually any song. Search by artist or song name, copy and paste lyrics into sms, email, or other applications, and save lyrics or buy the song on amazon mp3.lyrics 30 Free Google Android Applications
  12. Comeks Fun Photo Blogger – IT can create and share funny cartoon-like images. Take and filter photos, add stickers and text bubbles on them. Lots of stickers and text styles to choose from. When done, share the funny image in Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Bebo, Twitter or You can also send it as an email or MMS.comeks 30 Free Google Android Applications
  13. Pickup Lines – It can find out how to approach the other sex! With this app you can share your best pickup lines and view and rate the ones others have added. And send funny lines to your friends!
  14. Save MMS – This application allows you to save pictures, audio and video from your MMS text messages directly to your memory card. Attachments are stored in the “SavedMMS” directory and are automatically accessible from the Pictures and Music apps.
  15. – Personal Radio – Your personal radio station on your phone: Choose an artist or genre and builds the perfect playlist just for you, fresh every time, featuring your favorites and new discoveries powered by millions of users sharing the music they love. You can skip any song and find out about concerts, 30 Free Google Android Applications
  16. MultiReader 0.6.1 Text-to-speech app that reads your documents to you. It can speaks your document : text, PDF, Word, RTF, PPT.
    Note : this application which is designed primarily for adults and upper-level students can be sold on PDA, GPS, car embedded system, electronic paper (available in a near future).
  17. My Tracks Record GPS tracks. Monitor your performance. My Tracks enables you to record GPS tracks and view live statistics while hiking, biking, running or participating in other outdoor activities. Once recorded, you can share your tracks with friends, upload them to Google Spreadsheets, and visualize them on Google My Maps.
  18. Ringdroid 1.1 Record and edit sounds and create ringtones directly on your Android phone. So Why pay when you can create your own ringtones for free? Ringdroid lets you edit any MP3 on your phone or record a new sound and turn it into a ringtone, alarm, or notification. The only graphical waveform editor you’ll find on a phone!ringdroid 30 Free Google Android Applications
  19. OI File manager – The OpenIntents file manager allows you to browse your SD card, create directories, rename, move, and delete files. It also acts as an extension to other applications to display “Open” and “Save” dialogs.OI-File-manager
  20. Thesaurus – Retrieve the synonym for every word. If available you will get antonyms, related terms, similar word and user suggestions too. Tap one of the results to start a quick new search for that term. As well it keeps a history list of your search terms.
  21. WikiMobile Encyclopedia Being a walking encyclopedia is now at your fingertips. With WikiMobile, you carry 2+ million Wikipedia articles with you, including pictures. Faster and uses just a fraction of the network data vs. the Android browser. Download free for a limited time! mobile-pedia
  22. Google Sky Map Google Sky Map: A star map for Android. Google Sky Map turns your Android-powered mobile phone into a dynamic window on the night sky. When you point your phone up you will see a map of the brightest stars, constellations, and planets in that part of the sky.
  23. Meebo IM – Meebo is a free IM program that supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace IM, Google Talk, Jabber and ICQ. You can also sign in using a Meebo account and your chat history will be saved forever, and can be accessed from anywhere by logging in at thumb 30 Free Google Android Applications
  24. Ringo Lite – Ringtones Manager Ringo Lite is a fun way to set unique ringtones and SMS tones for each of your contacts. Now you can make your phone truly your own – set soppy tones for your loved-ones and party tones for your mates! Ringo Lite is a friendly place to manage all your phone’s tones quickly and easily, making ringtones fun again.ring-tone-lite-manager
  25. Mobile Banking (from Bank of America) – Check available balances, pay bills and transfer funds all on-the-go! Locate ATM and banking centers with GPS. No address input required. Download now, for one-touch access to your finances, whenever, wherever you
  26. StarTranslate Translator and dictionary. – Voice translation – Translate text – Translate SMS – Copy/Paste to any application – History – Swap translations – Get word definition in dictionary Many languages supported including : arabic, hebrew, thai, hindi. It is based on Google translate service. start-translate
  27. Sharetones for Android 1.1 beta Get ringtones on your phone based on songs you already own.Android-phone-sharetone
  28. ShopSavvy Scan barcodes with your phone”s camera and compare internet and local prices. Have a look over the article of Rob Jackson on Shop Savvy for Android: Defining The Vision . shopsavvy-lg-01
  29. CraigslistChecker Want to find that rare vinyl to spin this weekend? Maybe a new car? Search craigSlist easily. Save your favorite searches and set them as alerts. Save listings and email them to your friend.
  30. Mobile Search –’s free mobile search app is easier and faster to use – and now features voice recognition! Just speak what you want to find like “Restaurants”, “Plumber”, “Florist”, or whatever and we’ll deliver local results to you. New Features: – Voice Search – Save to Contacts – Street View
(Note: All the below described applications are sorted from Android Market, all the image and descriptions curtsey belongs to Android Market and respective developers sites.)


You should know what you are doing and always ready to perform the experiments. Here is the top 10 Photoshop tutorials resources for Web Designers that will help in personal and professional experiments.
Top 10 Photoshop Tutorials Resources Top 10 Photoshop Tutorials Resources for Web Designers

1.Psd.tutsplus -
This is a blog/Photoshop site made to house and showcase some of the best Photoshop tutorials around. They have tutorials that not only produce great graphics and effects, but explain the techniques behind them in a friendly, approachable manner.
2.Good-tutorials – Good-Tutorials is the largest source of tutorials on the web today. You can view some of the top techniques in relation with Photoshop design, CSS, Flash, HTML, JAVA, PHP and more.
3.Photoshoptutorials – From basic Photoshop effect to Animation and layout, this one has everything you need. You can also download some of the best Photoshop  brushes and Action here.
4.Smashingmagazine – This site delivers useful and innovative information to Web designers and developers. You get the latest trends and techniques in Web development. You will be convinced with the quality of the information presented with Smashing Magazine.
5.Templatetuts – It’s one the best web design tutorial resource for designers on the web. Do not forget to check out the resources and freebie section which has some interesting information for all designers.
6.Planetphotoshop - A nice tutorial site where you can learn some unique Photoshop effect from rain to fire. They have forums and review section for you to discuss the difficulties you face in designing.
7.Pixel2life – Pixel2life is among internet’s largest tutorial index catering to graphic designers, webmasters and programmers, with 51,784 tutorials listed in 88 categories! You also get additional resources to such as articles, programming script and code gallery, hardware reviews, free graphics and stock photography and much more!
8.Browse.deviantart– Excellent group of designers like Andrew McCann, Danielle McKay, Daniel Sowers Jr, Chris Bolt and more are behind If you wish to become pro in overall designing, you can’t miss this one.
9.Photoshopsupport – Photoshop support features Photoshop tutorials and tips by Jennifer Apple, and offers links to other free Photoshop tutorial sites. You get Adobe Photoshop tutorials and links to free Photoshop brushes, plugins and resources, a blog with the latest Photoshop news.
10.Pslover – A clear and easy to understand list of Photoshop tutorials are available with PSlover. You can submit your own tutorials as well and learn from the experts.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mail Box Setting And Configure For Yahoo,Gmail and Hotmail ( IMAP ,SMTP and POP3)

Configure your mail account in,hotmail, and any other mail  account .Here is the Setting you will be asked while setting mail box for  desktop,outlook and in mobile phone .

IMAP Setting :


Incoming IMAP Mail ServerSetting :
User Name :
Password : your email password
Incoming Mail Server :
Mail Box Name : Yahoo IMAP
Mail Box Type : IMAP
Security (Port) : Off
Port : Default
Outgoing IMAP Mail ServerSetting :
Email Address :
User Name :
Password : your email password
Outgoing Mail Server :
Security (Port) : Off
Port : 587
Incoming IMAP Mail ServerSetting :
User Name :
Password : your email password
Incoming Mail Server :
Mail Box Name : Gmail IMAP
Mail Box Type : IMAP
Security (Port) : SSL/TLS
Port : 993
Outgoing IMAP Mail ServerSetting :
Email Address :
User Name :
Password : your email password
Outgoing Mail Server :
Security (Port) : StartTLS
Port : 587

POP3 Setting :


Incoming POP3 Mail ServerSetting :
User Name :
Password : your email password
Incoming Mail Server :
Mail Box Name : Yahoo POP3
Mail Box Type : POP3
Security (Port) : SSL
Port : 995
Outgoing POP3 Mail ServerSetting :
Email Address :
User Name :
Password : your email password
Outgoing Mail Server :
Security (Port) : SSL
Port : 465


Incoming POP3 Mail ServerSetting :
User Name :
Password : your email password
Incoming Mail Server :
Mail Box Name : Gmail POP3
Mail Box Type : POP3
Security (Port) : SSL
Port : 995
Outgoing POP3 Mail ServerSetting :
Email Address :
User Name :
Password : your email password
Outgoing Mail Server :
Security (Port) : SSL
Port : 465


Incoming POP3 Mail ServerSetting :
User Name :
Password : your email password
Incoming Mail Server :
Mail Box Name : Hotmail POP3
Mail Box Type : POP3
Security (Port) : SSL
Port : 995
Outgoing POP3 Mail ServerSetting :
Email Address :
User Name :
Password : your email password
Outgoing Mail Server :
Security (Port) : SSL/TLS
Port : 587

Windows XP Tricks !!

Shutdown XP Faster

Like previous versions of windows, it takes long time to restart or shutdown windows
XP when the "Exit Windows" sound is enabled. To solve this problem you must disable this
useless sound.
· Click Start button.
· Go to settings > Control Panel > Sound, Speech and Audio devices > Sounds and Audio
Devices > Sounds.
· Then under program events and windows menu click on "Exit Windows" sub-menu and
highlight it. Now from sounds you can select, choose "none" and then click Apply and
Now you should see some improvements when shutting down your system.

  Turn Off System Restore to Save Space

By default, Windows XP keeps a backup of system files in the System Volume Information
folder. This can eat up valuable space on your hard drive. If you don't want Windows to
back up your system files:
· Open the Control Panel.
· Double-click on System.
· Click the System Restore tab.
· Check "Turn off System Restore on all drives".
· Hit Apply.
· You may now delete the System Volume Information folder.
Warning! If you turn this off you will not be able to use Windows System Restore to
restore your system in case of failure.
Correcting System Hang at Startup

If your system hangs about 2 or 3 minutes at startup, where you can't access the Start
button or the Taskbar, it may be due to one specific service (Background Intelligent
Transfer) running in the background. Microsoft put out a patch for this but it didn't
work for me. Here's what you do:
· Click on Start/Run, type 'msconfig', then click 'OK'.
· Go to the 'Services' tab, find the 'Background Intelligent Transfer' service.
· Disable it, apply the changes & reboot.

Disable XP Boot Logo  

It is possible to disable the XP splash screen, which will slightly speed up the
overall boot process. Be aware that removing the splash screen will also cause you not
to see any boot-up messages that might come up (chkdsk, convert ... ), but if your system
runs without any problems then it should not matter.
· Edit boot.ini.
· Add " /noguiboot" right after "/fastdetect".
Upon restarting, the splash screen will be gone. It can be re-enabled by removing the
new switch.

Remove Hibernation File

If you do not use hibernation, make sure you do not have it enabled, which reserves
disk space equal to your RAM. If you have a hidden file on the root directory of your
C-drive called hiberfil.sys, hibernation is enabled. To remove that file:
· Go to Control Panel, select Performance and Maintenance, Power Options, Hibernate
tab, and uncheck the Enable hibernation box.

Performance Increase Through My Computer

Easy enough tweak to usually find out about it on your own, but still, some of us
still don't find it right away. So here it is:
· Start > right-click on My Computer and select Properties.
· Click on the "Advanced" tab.
· See the "Performance" section? Click "Settings".
· Disable the following:
Fade or slide menus into view
Fade or slide ToolTips into view
Fade out menu items after clicking
Show Shadows under menus
Slide open combo boxes
Slide taskbar buttons
Use a background image for each folder type
Use common tasks in folders
There, now Windows will still look nice and perform faster.
Reduce 10 Second Scandisk Wait Time
· Start MS Dos Prompt (Start run CMD), and type: CHKNTFS /T:4
where 4 is the amount of wait time.
for more info.

DMA Mode on IDE Devices

Just like Windows 2000, Windows XP still fails to set the DMA mode correctly for the
IDE device designated as the slaves on the primary IDE and secondary IDE channels. Most
CD-ROMS are capable of supporting DMA mode, but the default in XP is still PIO. Setting
it to DMA won't make your CD-ROM faster, but it will consume less CPU cycles. Here's
· Open the Device Manager. One way to do that is to right-click on "My Computer",
select the Hardware tab, and select Device Manager.
· Expand "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" and double-click on "Primary IDE Channel".
· Under the "Advanced Settings" tab, check the "Device 1" setting. More than likely,
your current transfer mode is set to PIO.
· Set it to "DMA if available".
· Repeat the step for the "Secondary IDE Channel" if you have devices attached to it.

Try this tricks.. 

Top 10 Hacks of all time

Here is a list off the top 10 hacks of all time.
Early 1990s
Kevin Mitnick, often incorrectly called by many as god of hackers, broke into the computer systems of the world's top technology and telecommunications companies Nokia, Fujitsu, Motorola, and Sun Microsystems. He was arrested by the FBI in 1995, but later released on parole in 2000. He never termed his activity hacking, instead he called it social engineering.
November 2002
Englishman Gary McKinnon was arrested in November 2002 following an accusation that he hacked into more than 90 US military computer systems in the UK. He is currently undergoing trial in a British court for a "fast-track extradition" to the US where he is a wanted man. The next hearing in the case is slated for today.
Russian computer geek Vladimir Levin effected what can easily be called The Italian Job online - he was the first person to hack into a bank to extract money. Early 1995, he hacked into Citibank and robbed $10 million. Interpol arrested him in the UK in 1995, after he had transferred money to his accounts in the US, Finland, Holland, Germany and Israel.
When a Los Angeles area radio station announced a contest that awarded a Porsche 944S2 for the 102nd caller, Kevin Poulsen took control of the entire city's telephone network, ensured he is the 102nd caller, and took away the Porsche beauty. He was arrested later that year and sentenced to three years in prison. He is currently a senior editor at Wired News.
Kevin Poulsen again. A little-known incident when Poulsen, then just a student, hacked into Arpanet, the precursor to the Internet was hacked into. Arpanet was a global network of computers, and Poulsen took advantage of a loophole in its architecture to gain temporary control of the US-wide network.
US hacker Timothy Lloyd planted six lines of malicious software code in the computer network of Omega Engineering which was a prime supplier of components for NASA and the US Navy. The code allowed a "logic bomb" to explode that deleted software running Omega's manufacturing operations. Omega lost $10 million due to the attack.
Twenty-three-year-old Cornell University graduate Robert Morris unleashed the first Internet worm on to the world. Morris released 99 lines of code to the internet as an experiment, but realised that his program infected machines as it went along. Computers crashed across the US and elsewhere. He was arrested and sentenced in 1990.
The Melissa virus was the first of its kind to wreak damage on a global scale. Written by David Smith (then 30), Melissa spread to more than 300 companies across the world completely destroying their computer networks. Damages reported amounted to nearly $400 million. Smith was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison.
MafiaBoy, whose real identity has been kept under wraps because he is a minor, hacked into some of the largest sites in the world, including eBay, Amazon and Yahoo between February 6 and Valentine's Day in 2000. He gained access to 75 computers in 52 networks, and ordered a Denial of Service attack on them. He was arrested in 2000.
They called themselves Masters of Deception, targeting US phone systems. The group hacked into the National Security Agency, AT&T, and Bank of America. It created a system that let them bypass long-distance phone call systems, and gain access to the pbx of major carriers.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Full Screen Mode for Turbo c on Vista and Windows 7

This is a big question for those who are still using Turbo C++ Version 3.0 in Windows Vista. As everyone knows that full screen is not supported with the version 3.0 in Vista; it is ridiculous to work in the small screen where I think no one can ever imagine writing a program there! This solution will help all the C, C++ learners using TC++ 3.0 in Vista.
This is a simple technique. Just follow the simple 4 steps given below and get a big screen in few seconds. There is no need of any additional softwares or drivers.
Step 1: Open TC++ (normally C:\TC\BIN\TC.EXE). In the startup it will show a dialogue box that it doesn’t support full screen mode as seen in the picture below. Just select ignore option. Then it will open the small screen mode.
Note: Please Click on the images to enlarge
Step 2: Go to the top left of the window and click. It will show a menu as shown in the figure. Then select properties from the menu.
Step 3: Now it will show the properties window, in which you select the Font tab. There you can see two font options as Raster and Lucida Console. The default will be Raster. You select Lucida Console and select the size from the size list as 28.
Step 4: After selecting the fonts, now you have to select the layout tab where you can see screen buffer size, window size, and window position options. First unselect the “Let system position window” option from window position options. Now make the following changes:
  • Screen Buffer Size: Width: 82 Height: 28
  • Window Size: Width: 80 Height: 26
  • Window Position: Left: -4 Top: -4
After making the changes select OK.
Now you will see a larger window and very crisp font size in which you can work perfectly fine. This technique actually doesn’t provide full screen in Vista but you will find it much better.
NB: The given sizes will work fine for 1280 by 800 screens, but there is no compulsion that you have to use them as specified. You can always use your own options according to your need.

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