Sunday, May 8, 2011

Indian 35 Dollar Tablet PC will be Cheapest Laptops of World

The Indian Government stunned everyone when it announced its 35 dollar tablet computer for students in July 2010 but now there are many question marks on that project.
According to one official from India, the solutions for tomorrow will emerge form India as he revealed the breathtaking price tag, a fraction of the 500 dollar cost for an Apple iPad. The touch-screen device aimed at he country’s millions of students, could even be hammered down to just 10 dollars once production rates increase.
This tablet computer who’s name is still undecided has following features or specs; boasting three power back-up, internet browser, media player, video-conferencing capability, good date storage, hard disk drive and web cam. Officials said that this low-cost device is likely to revolutionize the education system in our country. It will have a very positive impact on our literacy campaign. India has literacy rate of 61 percent far behind many other developing nations such as china with 92 percent and Indian government is making major efforts to improve its educations system.
35 dollar indian tablet computer1 Indian 35 Dollar Tablet PC will be Cheapest Laptops of World
But critics say that this is unfeasible project because a commuter with all normal functionality at this price will not be sustainable unless it is subsidized by the government or the industry. The motherboard of a prototype cost 47 dollars alone. The first 100000 computers are planed to be released as soon as January, but details of its exact specifications are still scare and as it the level of government subsidies that will be essential to keep the price down.
Despite the many problems HCL info system is optimistic about it as one official said, “the one laptop per child association in the US was difficult to comprehend wand there was skepticism then but it led to the low-cost Notebook laptops. This is journey which will evolve”.


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