Sunday, October 10, 2010

Endhiran-The Robot

Endhiran : The Robot", the latest flick of superstar Rajinikanth made history in the USA with last weekend’s box office collection reaching $2 million, a record for a Tamil film.

Endhiran did this just in three days what the other movies collected for their entire run in the cinemas, this is much better than his previous big hit Sivaji, the boss.
The movie which was released worldwide on October 1 collected a whopping 95 crores($22.5 million) in the opening weekend in india alone which is by any parameter better than any of the big bollywood movies.
In the U.K. the movie was holding No. 9 position at the B.O. with $538,000 and in the United Arab Emirates it grossed $387,000.
Though there was a slow start for hindi version "Robot" it picked up well as saturday’s collection was bigger than friday and sunday was even bigger.

 Endhiran Robo Songs costumes for auction

Tamil Super star Rajnikanth and Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai starrer trilingual movie titled "ROBO" in Telugu has been released recently throughout the world and creating records in collections also.
endhiran-stills6 endhiran-stills4

Now a days auctioning the weapons used by the heroes in the films becomes a trend in Tollywood. The trend was started with Jr NTR’s Hat and Jerkin used in Adurs movie then Ram Charan’s Maghadeera Sword after that Sunil’s Maryada Ramanna’s Cycle ends with NBK’s Simha movie Axe recently.
Now the latest news is that the costumes worn by Super star Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai in the songs ‘Kilimanjaro…’ and ‘O Baby…’ of ROBO movie will be auctioned online with Mumbai as its center. So those who can afford it can bid on the exclusive designer pieces worn by two super stars in Robo/Robot/Endhiran. The money raised through this auction will go to the charity. This is a very good news for Rajini fans.

Rajini’s Million Dollar Question


What do you think that million dollar question is? If you are a Rajinikanth fan, that would obviously be, the Superstar’s entry to Politics! So what does he have to say?
As we all know, Rajini was in Mumbai to promote his ‘Robot’ and he invited all his Bollywood friends to watch the extravagant movie. And upon his arrival at the Mumbai airport on Monday morning (Oct 4th), a few reporters of leading News channels quizzed him as the Superstar was rushing his way through them!
endhiran-stills3 endhiran-stills2
One of the reporters even asked if a sequel to ‘Robot’ was being planned and only then the answer we all know came up, the superstar went on to say that he really didn’t know what Shankar had in mind but Rajni personally wanted a big break! Of course, he truly deserves it, as he was pretty busy with the shooting and promotion of ‘Endhiran’ besides taking care of his daughter’s wedding!
And before all the journalists thought of winding it up, an excited journo went on to ask the ‘Million Dollar Question’ – “Any plans to get in to politics?” and pat came the reply from the Superstar saying “No Comments”. Just to make sure if the answer was ‘No Plans’, the anxious journalist asked him the same question and even this time, with eyebrows raised the superstar with his characteristic laugh said “I said No Comments”!
Whoa, isn’t that heights of diplomacy? That answer – ‘No Comments’ is multidimensional! It’s got loads of meanings attached to it. And the last question a reporter asked was if the superstar had seen the opening ceremony of the Common Wealth Games? The Superstar told he saw the inauguration and he was really proud to see such a spectacular event.
And coming to the answer for the Million Dollar Question, the Superstar surely knows what could be misquoted and what can’t be! But what do you think; will Rajinikanth make an entry into politics?

Endhiran Movie New Stills – photos – pictures

Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-30 Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-10 Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-11 Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-12 (1)  Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-13 Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-15 Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-16 Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-19 Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-20Endhiran’ is excellent: Karunanidhi

Endhiran’ is excellent: Karunanidhi


Tamil Nadu Chief Minster and one of the most powerful politicians of the country, M Karunanidhi was like any other fan of Superstar Rajinikanth, while coming out of theatre after watching a first day show of ‘Endhiran’.
Endhiran-Movie-New-Photos-9“Endhiran is an excellent film. It is a very good movie in all aspects. The director’s imagination, the way the cinematographer has handled the camera and performance by Superstar Rajinikanth has impressed me a lot”, Karunanidhi said.
When asked about Sun Pictures, which has produced the multi-crore extravaganza directed by Shankar, the Chief Minister said: “Appreciating Sun Pictures is like appreciating me”.
On the film carrying a Tamil name ‘Endhiran’, which means a robot, Karunanidhi said, “That’s why we have given tax exemption to the movie”. He said ‘Endhiran’ is better than ‘Sivaji’, the earlier film of Rajinikanth.



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