Monday, February 7, 2011

Ylmf OS!: Ubuntu Hacked to Look Just Like Windows XP

That’s not Windows XP, it is actually an Ubuntu OS hacked and transformed by Chinese pirates to make it look exactly like Windows XP and they have pretty much succeeded in doing that! It’s called Ylmf OS! Why have they moved to Ubuntu? Because their previous release, a pirate version of Windows XP itself is being cracked down on by Microsoft.
The official site of Ylmf OS! is completely in Chinese with no option to open the English version. The download page though has some five links to the ISO that you can download. But note that the OS’s GUI is completely in Chinese as well.
For more screenshots, you can check out this page and you will be shocked to see that the pirated copycat Ubuntu version of Windows XP looks surprisingly close to Microsoft’s version! Though the Chinese have limited laws to prevent piracy, I expect Microsoft to try their level best to stop the distribution of this Ubuntu version as soon as possible as it still copies its GUI!

Update: One of the comments on Download Squad indicates that by using the “sudo locale-gen en-US” command after installation, he was able to change the language to English (which would explain why the picture below has English in it).




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