Sunday, May 1, 2011

Technological Revolution

21st century has proved to be a remarkable journey in terms of technology and gadgets. In fact, the seeds were sown in two centuries back with the industrial revolution. Since then science has kept reinventing things and today life has become much easier and comfortable. Things no more moves at languishing pace and time is now counted in terms of nano-second. The one word that is ruling the roost is convergence. Now, you see mobile phones acting as camera and computer functioning as TV. We keep coming across the news of new inventions on a daily basis. Communication and commerce have been greatly benefitted by advent of technology. In fact, business world would not have reached the advance stage where it is today without the help of technology. Many new industries have flourished solely on the basis of speed of technology. World has truly become a global village with the aid of technology.

Take any invention and you will find all of them have become necessities in our lives. Right from cameras, televisions, mobile phones, computers, satellites, DVD players, palm tops, automatic geysers, vacuum cleaners and what not. Such is the pace of technological advancement that what was in fashion yesterday is no more valid anymore. Things are fast turning out to be obsolete. World is truly within your reach.

Advancing technologies play a crucial part in our day to day lives. Spheres like home security, business, software developments, information technology, national security, warfare, fast communication etc have been hugely benefitted by latest technologies. In the context of amazing role played by technology how could we resist the temptation of providing latest news and information about this fascinating world? So, this site aims to discuss and share information regarding latest technologies and gadgets. So, gear up for a fascinating ride of world of technology.


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