Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Best websites to convert your raster images to vector for free

Some of you know the difference between raster images or so called bitmaps and vectors. Raster images (bitmaps) are made from thousands of pixels (dots) with different colors. Vector images are completely different. They use mathematical relationships between points and paths (lines and curves) which are used to produce an image. The advantage of vectors towards raster images is that they are small size and while resizing them they don’t lose any detail. In other side, raster images are heavy and when you resize them, they lose details, so that’s why they need high resolutions in order to maintain the quality and the details. The designers, mostly prefer to work with vectors, but that doesn’t mean that  they always have vectors available. Fortunately there are some great websites which offer you conversion of your raster images (bitmaps) to vector. But before we continue, let me tell you that converting online your raster images to vector may not always give the desired effect, so to do that, it needs a little mastery.


VectorMagic is definitely the best online service for bitmap images to vector conversion. You will be able to generate your vector in five steps: attach your image, configuration of the given options, vectorizing, results of conversion and completed vector ready for download. It has a great user interface, very intuitive and easy to use, no sign up required but after completing the conversion of your bitmap image to vector, in order to download the final product you need to subscribe to VectorMagic. To see how VectorMagic works, take a minute and see it here.

2. is an online service which allows easy and fast conversion of various types of files and documents, like audio, video, pictures, office documents, archive files etc. But the best thing they offers is the online conversion of bitmap image to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. In order to convert your image to vector, you just need to attach you image and click Convert. When it’s ready, it will be automatically downloaded directly to your PC.

3. Autotrace Web Interface

Autotrace Web Interface it’s a great raster image to vector conversion system developed by RO IT Systems and built by open-source components such as Autotrace, ImageMagick, and various unix and linux image-processing components. It has a simple interface and very easy to use. First you have to attach your image and then filling some text fields regarding to the conversion, like line information, noise handling, so you need to have some knowledge in order to get the most of it.


As I said in the beginning, converting your raster images (bitmaps) to vector using online tools will not give you the desired effect, but still if you have some knowledge in the field of graphics theory you will be able to get great results. These 3 online tools are the only that offer you raster to image conversion for free, but there are also website specialized for professional image to vector conversion, but to have their service you have to pay good amount of money. If you ask me which of these services I will recommend to you, without doubt I will say that you should go for VectorMagic, for the fact that it gives amazing results while converting.

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