Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Create logo online for free with LogoEase

The logos are a valuable part of any company, brand, organization, business, website or blog. That is the element that identifies them and makes people remember you. If you want people to recognize your blog or website, it is important to create a logo for it which makes you and your website to be more serious in front of your visitors. The logo is your best representative, so we should never neglect the power of the logo by saving our money on design. But if you need a quick, decent and practical solution then I suggest you to use LogoEase, a great web based tool which allows you to create a logo with minimal effort.

The service initially provides a selection of predefined logos grouped by topics: medicine, sports, writing, music, etc.., which later you can process them along with other elements. You can insert text by selecting the font, size and color of the letters. The elements can be arranged in layers, rotate, turn, increase, reduce, move and paint the appropriate color, piece by piece.

LogoEase features simple and intuitive interface that allows you to create free logos in a few minutes. After finishing you can download them in the following formats: eps, png, jpg and tiff, but only if you are registered user. You can download and save a total of 10 logos at once.


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