Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Create tribute sites for your loved ones with YourTribute

We all want to make happy our loved ones, the persons that mean something to us and especially when there is some reason to do it, like weddings, birthdays, graduation party or similar. If one of your most loved persons is having a big day in his life, thenYourTribute will assist you to prepare something special for him.

YourTribute is an online tool that allows you to create personal websites (a tribute) for special someone or a special event. It is a new baby, a wedding, a graduation, birthday, memorials and anniversaries, YourTribute is there to help you create personalized websites or a so called Tribute site  for any kind of event a people.
A Tribute can be created in minutes, but remains online for life to provide an everlasting record of the special occasion. YourTribute gives you great features in order to create an interesting tribute site like: beautiful themes for any kind of occasion,  photo sharing, videos, friend invitations, blogging, virtual presents, integration with Facebook.
A great feature is that YourTribute allows you to import your contacts from your Facebook account and invite them to your events. As I said before, Your Tribute is integrated with Facebook, which makes it easy for you to share your Tribute with your Facebook friends.You can also send beautiful online invitations, for FREE, from your Tribute. Choose from one of our numerous stylish designs and add a custom message to your online invitation.


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