Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cut your pictures online with CutMyPic

There are a lots of online based photo-editing websites which offer quite good options and features in order to get decent results in your pictures.I posted a short review for Pixlr, one of the most popular online photo-editing tools. The fact that these photo-editors are online based, they are the best solution for you when you need to edit you photos quickly. But there are always more specific solutions for specific cases. So the web tool we are suggesting now will help you to edit your pictures online as quickly as possible.

CutMyPic is an very interesting web based tool which will offers you a quick and simple editing of your pictures, without need for registration. It will allows you to discard unnecessary parts of the image, to soften its edges and set shadow effects.

The procedure is very simple: you attach a picture from the main page of the site and wait to be redirected to the studio. You wait, depending on the size of the image, which has no prescribed limit. Once the image is uploaded, you can crop the part you need, to the newly created picture you can add softened corners and edges and set shadow with the desired intensity. Also you can rotate the picture, and on the other side, CutMyPic will give you the information on how much your picture is reduced in pixels. Once you press the “Done” button,  you can download your edited image or send it via mail.


Handy site. Did you see the new version yet? It's much improved!

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