Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Facebook Activity Feed For Blogger

This Facebook plugin shows to your visitors the recent activities that take place in your website/blog. Also if your visitor is logged in Facebook, this widget will display their friends activity on your website/blog. But if there is not enough recent activity from the visitors friends, the plugin automatically fills the list with recommendations. More information about this Facebook plugin you will be able to learn while we show you how to install it in your Blogger blog.
In order to install the Activity Feed plugin by Facebook, first visit the Activity Feed page. So here you have extra information regarding to this plugin. Now you have to configure it in the same page.

First, enter your site URL then change the dimensions according to your blog sidebar width. You can also change the appearance of the widget, it can be light or dark, also you can change the font, the border color etc. Don’t forget to check the Show Recommendations in order to show the Recommendations when the plugin cannot be filled with Recent Activity. After configuring the plugin, just click Get Code and copy the code.

  • Login to your Blogger account and go to Design.

  • Under the Page Elements Section go to Add a Gadget.

  • From the given list find and choose HTML/JavaScript.

  • Paste the code in the new window and click Save.

Preview your blog and see how it looks. Happy Blogging!



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