Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Golf Connection: Web-Connected Golf Simulator (Video)

golf connection konamiKonami isn’t just a video game maker. The company is also in the business of producing amusement machines (mainly for the Japanese market), and recently showcased its newest model: the aptly named Golf Connection [JP]. “Virtual golf simulators” like this aren’t new, but Konami’s version (which is based on a high-speed camera and two sensors) has a few interesting selling points.
For example, Golf Connection doesn’t require the ball to be marked, boasts a margin of error of 30 centimeters max., offers 150 replicated 3DCG real-world golf courses and web connectivity: users can upload their results to various social networks to compare themselves with each other.
It’s also possible to access all data stored (on a smartcard) later through a PC or smartphone and view videos shot during playing that way, for example to analyze one’s golf swing technique.
Golf Connection will be released in September (Konami has yet determine a price).

This video in English, shot by Diginfonews in Tokyo, provides more insight:


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