Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to add Daily Painters Widget in Blogger Blogs

Here is a excellent widget for you blog. It is called Daily Painters Widget. This widget allows you display paintings from famous painters on your blog, so as Dip In It we are recommending this widget for our readers!  This is a useful widget for almost any blog, just depends if you want to have it in yours. To add this widget is quite easy, just follow the steps below!

01. First step open this link.

02. Customize your Widget (Select a color scheme, select your blog service from the list below)

  • Choose Widget Color
  • and Blog Service (, etc.)

03. Click at Get Instructions.

04. Copy HTML code

  • Login to your Blogger account and go to Design.

  • Under the Page Elements Section go to Add a Gadget.

  • From the given list find and choose HTML/JavaScript.

  • Paste the code in the new window and click Save.

Below is a picture of the widget (how does it look)


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