Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to add Adsense revenue sharing feature in Blogger blogs

Although blogger is a free blogging platform, it offers great features and opportunities to bloggers for developing a relatively professional blog. To make a multiple author blogger blog is possible. We posted an article on how to add multiple authors in blogger blogs. But recently we have seen that most of popular WordPress blogs in order to attract new guest authors and writers to their blogs, except offering them the opportunity to display their articles they also give them the opportunity to show their adsense ads within the post. They manage to do that with the help of various WordPress plugins, the so called “Adsense revenue sharing plugins”.

If you run a blogger blog and you want to make it an Adsense revenue sharing blog and allow your authors to display their Adsense adds, I have the pleasure to tell you that you can do it. Although there is not a blogger widget which will automatically transform your blogger blog to Adsense revenue sharing blog, but still you can do it manually, just by following some relatively simple instructions which I’m going to reveal now.

First login to your blogger account, go to Design and then click at Edit.HTML At the Edit Template page check the Expand Widget Templates option.

Now you have to be careful here. First find <data:post.body/> (press CTRL+F and paste the code in the box in order to find it quickly). Now we have to continue with the most important part, adding the code in order to install the Adsense revenue sharing feature in your blogger blog. To do that, copy the code below and paste it just above the <data:post.body/> code.


<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>   <b:if cond=' == "Author1"'>   PASTE THE ADSENSE CODE FOR AUTHOR 1   </b:if>   <b:if cond=' == "Author2"'>   PASTE THE ADSENSE CODE FOR AUTHOR 2   </b:if>   <b:if cond=' == "Author3"'>   PASTE THE ADSENSE CODE FOR AUTHOR 3   </b:if>   </b:if>

Here you have to be careful. You need to replace Author1, Author2, Author3 with the real name of the authors which you want to include them in your Adsense revenue sharing program in your blogger blog (for example, if you want to add me, type my username Reegon, LOL) and paste their adsense code instead of the  ”PASTE THE ADSENSE CODE FOR AUTHOR”.

After finishing, just click on Save Template. As you can notice, the code above is only for 3 authors. To add a new author, just copy the following part from your the code and paste it again.


<b:if cond=' == "Your New Author"'>   PASTE THE ADSENSE CODE FOR YOUR NEW AUTHOR   </b:if>

IMPORTANT: When you paste the adsense code, it  may not work if you don’t encode it. To do that visit the following page, paste the code there and click on Encode. After encoding, just copy and paste it as it is described above.

That’s all, if you have any problem while installing, feel free to ask by adding a comment from the form below. Happy blogging!


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