Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to add Google +1 button in your blog posts in Blogger

The Google +1 button, the Facebook Like opponent, is a social button which allows you to share your links through out Google profiles, so it has the same function as Facebook like. Google announced the +1 button in March, this year, but now begun to appear on variouswebsites and blogs, right beside the texts along with the Facebook Like button and Twitters Follow button. So in this article I’m going to show you how to add the Google +1 button in your blog posts in Blogger.

First visit the official page of Google +1 button in order to grab the code. You can do some customization of the button, like the size and the appearance. There are 4 types: standard, small, medium and tall. In order to remove the counter in the button click on Advanced options link and uncheck Include count. After that just copy the code.

Now we can start installing the button and make it appear to your blog posts in Blogger. First login to your blogger account, go to Design and then click at Edit.HTML At the Edit Template page check the Expand Widget Templates option.

Now you have to be careful here. First find <data:post.body/> (press CTRL+F and paste the code in the box in order to find it quickly).

But first lets talk about where you want to put the +1 button. If you want your +1 button to be placed above the post content then you have to paste the code above the <data:post.body/>, but if you want to place it below the post content, paste the code below <data:post.body/> (see the picture below).

Now lets talk about the side in which you want to place your Google +1button. If you want to show it on the right side of the post then the code should look like this one:

<div style='float: right; padding: 4px;'> THE GOOGLE +1 BUTTON CODE GOES HERE </div>

If you want to place the +1 button on the left side of your post then write left instead of right on the code above.

Happy blogging!


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