Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make a Google Search by image

To do a search in Google just by using an image? Wow, seriously, I could never imagined that. But what can we say when behind these awesome features is the mega giant Google, it is simply amazing. Searching by image is a new feature presented by Google days ago at his “Inside Search” event. This is a completely new way of using the search engines, exploring the internet with just a picture. This is not browsing through image results but using an image as a keyword and getting results related to it.

To do a search by image you have to click at the camera icon located within the search box in the after which you will get a popup window asking you to upload or insert the URL of the image which you want to use for searching and click Search to get the results.

This new feature in Google Search will be very handy while searching touristic places but is also very functional while searching other things. Depending on the quality of the image, Google may not find the right results but for sure will reveal what’s on that image. There are four ways of searching by image on Google: by drag and drop an image from the web or from your computer directly into the search box, uploading an image from your computer, entering the URL of an image or by right-clicking on image in the web but only if you have installed the Google Chrome or Firefox extension in your browser which will serve you the fastest search by image.


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