Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Best online tools to generate Favicon for free

Adding a Favicon to your blog or website is very important for completing your blog design and creating a blog with full identity. For those who don’t know what’s a Favicon, it is the small icon, usually 16×16 pixels, that appears at the URL toolbar and the particular tabs of the Web Browser, which icon is associated with a website. I’ve noticed that there are plenty of successful blogs and websites which have not yet designed and added a Favicon to appear on the URL toolbar.
The process of branding your blog or website doesn’t finish with your blog template and logo, you need to take care also of some small things like you Favicon. Before you start designing the Favicon for your blog, you have to know that usually the design of a Favicon is based on the logo or the initials of your website name. You can notice that Dipinit uses a Favicon based on the logo.
Ok now, do not waste time anymore and start designing or generating the Favicon. Here are some great online websites which offer you the opportunity to create a Favicon for free.

Favicon Generator

DeGraeve Favicon

Shaheeilyas Favicon

Animated Favicon



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